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Damn, this girl was prepared.

She learned from experience. That look on her face is one who found out all of Jack-Jack’s powers through trial by fire.


imagine her being a villain.




So yes hello long time no post here!!

This is may or may not be a surprise. I cosplayed one more time, as my always and forever hero, Xena. Inspired by Isaiah's art of how Mulan looks very badass dressing up as Xena, so I decided to cosplay her. 

I made the armour for the costume, you can check the progress on my art/craft blog.

I hope you all doing well, I’m quite surprise that most of you are still here. I wish you all the great things in life and have a wonderful day!

(also yes I met Lucy Lawless ((more like Lucy Flawless)) and she is a form of perfection.)

Wow! This is amazing! And she looks awesome!! 

reblogging for that last photo - “SENPAI NOTICED ME<3<3<3!!!!!”

Myrna Loy and William Powell - Christmas morning conversation in The Thin Man (1934)



"batfam, pacific rim AU" by 陌桑

Oh god. ♥

Myrna Loy and William Powell - The Thin Man (1934)

A hole is the biggest opponent in this splitscreen environment. [x]

What would you like to happen during an apocalypse?

my tiny precious baby acrobat, when did you get so wise
scarecrow year one


Half female, half male. 

Bilateral gynandromorphism is a rare genetic disorder occurring in insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and birds, where a strange combination of genetic material splits a creature perfectly in half, with one side male and one side female.


So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

So this was a good change of pace for me because I started to do lined drawings. it’s really fun to do more stylist drawings using lines ^_^ and couples are rly fun to draw !

lol sorry for the inconsistent styles XD;; was experimenting mostly @_@;;